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Thursday, January 28, 2010


写不出。。 哈哈。。

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

January 27 2010 second post

do someone agree that every man is hamsap? well i think that i am a normal man and something really gone wrong in my life.

my gf happens to be having a big illness and now every night i nid to go out drink with frenz until drunk only go home. my parents said that i am escaping from problems but i really dont know what to say. i really know how to face everything which happens around me now.

few days ago, i just like usual go out drink with my frenz and we go to para-para to drink. para-para is a pub where there is many siam poh over there. i really like to go there because there are many sui cha bo over there. everytime go drink also got many girls come automatically come our table and drink with us. i go out drink also when i think about my gf, i also will be sad. dont know why i suddenly feels so drunk and start to hug 1 of the girl who work over there.

well i try to write this in chinese since my first reader want me to change it.

January 27 2010

today i decide to start blogging again. well i dont really know what is blogging actually, just feels like it is my personal diary.

it sound funny before i wanna start this because i call one of my fren who is magic just to ask her what is my last blogging address. well her answer is "you dont even know what your blogging address is, how do i know that".. it sounds funny but anyhow i also had to open a new blogging address.

today time pass quite fast, after work, i just go out drink with my usual frens, well today all seem to be unhappy. the reason is that one of my fren, ah yao, his gf is been caught by the police. actually he is not langkawi ppl but he come here work be4 this. i dont know whether it is good to say about it over here or not but his gf been arrested is because of drugs. his gf is originally from thailand and the case that she facing is quite big. when we are drinking beer over there, every1 seem to be sad and sorrowful, he had tried to go and "jamin" her but the police say this is a big case and she cant be 'jamin". he had tried a lot of things but still the police just tell him that they cant do anything. he seem like so sad and he said that he had already ask her gf not to touch drugs but still she take it. now when having problem, ah yao nid to come back from penang just in order to help her out. i can see that his face is very sad and he is very emotional. he said that this is the last time he help her and it happens again, he wont help anything. if this happen to me, my gf is a thailand gf and she is been caught by police, what i will do i also dont know. i will just turn away and pretend like nothing happens or i will help her no matter what.

talking back few days ago, i really done something wrong and it is a big wrong. if i say it out, i really dont know what is the effect. so i better keep it for myself.

arghh!! magic stop calling me to post!! this is already half way.. u so lucky, first 1 who read this.. but it is nothing also la.. haha..